• Abolish Common Core
  • Support 2nd Amendment
  • Support Fiscal Responsibilities

When elected as your representative of HD37,  I will be a champion of your liberty, states rights, and personal freedom. Recently we have seen how the federal government has run rough shod over the citizens of this great state and of other states, such as the EPA asserting the city of Riverton now belongs to the indians. This encroachment would not happen on my watch. I will support measures in the capacity as a state Legislator will be taken to prohibit such federal overreach.

For more information on the issues and myself, please visit the links above.

Please join me in our fight in restoring Wyoming values of sensible  government with more freedom in our local community, but most importantly, our families.

Your support and vote is greatly appreciated, please vote for Greg Flesvig for House District 37.

Thank you and God bless

Gregory P. Flesvig

The Conservative Vote for Smaller Government