• Hold back government overreach
  • No new net taxes to bail out the big government spending
  • Push for a cash budget to reduce shortfalls

When elected as your representative of HD37,  I will be a champion of your liberty, states rights, and personal freedom. Recently we have seen how the state government has shut down our businesses, cut our transportation infrastructure and hurt families with job losses – all while keeping the high level of government.

Our own state has unilaterally placed our citizens under house arrest without due process. This overreach needs framework to stop this from ever happening again.

Taxes are going to be a big topic this foreseeable future, with the lodging tax not preforming as expected due too the self inflicted travel/tourism slowdown, the push for an income tax is gaining momentum in the revenue committee fueled by the advances of the corporate income tax we saw in the last session.  WE NEED RESISTANCE TO TAX INCREASES!

For more information on the issues and myself, please visit the links above.

Please join me in our fight in restoring Wyoming values of sensible  government with more freedom in our local community, but most importantly, our families.

Your support and vote is greatly appreciated, please vote for Greg Flesvig for House District 37.

Thank you and God bless

Gregory P. Flesvig

Stopping the wild taxing leftists we have disguised as Republicans.