Common Core

I’m wholly against any federal mandate regarding the education of our children. We as parents can best decide at the local level which curriculum fits our children’s needs. Home schooling is a viable and important alternative to public education, and I support parents’ decisions regarding the education of their children.

I feel Obama’s endorsed mandate, like my opponent’s, to have our educational system globalized for primary  education will invariably harm our children and jeopardize our country’s future. As your representative, I will fight to stop Common Core and reverse implemented measures already taken.

 SF104 of 2012.  There was an outcry statewide from the people regarding this unconstitutional law even before the Wyoming Supreme Court made its ruling confirming the people’s opinion. My opponent sponsored this bill.

Fuel Tax

Unlike my opponent, I would have voted against the recent fuel tax increase. It placed an additional tax burden on families in an uncertain economic climate.

Under no conditions I feel highway funds are to be diverted from its intended purpose, such as bike paths, light rail systems, and other nonessential projects.

I find our newly adopted 10 cent fuel tax to be a boondoggle to the fuel consumers of the state. It was sold to us as road improvements for the state, only to find out two thirds will be allocated for roads and one third will be adopted elsewhere. 70 Million dollars is expected to be raised from this increase alone. My opponent  voted for the ten cent raise in the fuel tax.  As your representative I won’t vote for more taxes for needless spending.

Smart growth

I find no common ground on the smart growth, urban/ sustainable development initiatives our friends on the left push so hard.

The favor of inner city over rural/ suburban residencies can only benefit those who profit from such high density development.

In some instances highway funds have been diverted to fund such projects, I find that unacceptable.

We have all heard about Agenda 21 and other like named programs. As we see our European friends fleeing from such ideologies, I will fight for legislation that will ensure that the state of Wyoming  from embracing such atrocities. Smart growth, Urban Development, Sustainable Development, Vision 20/20, High Plains Initiative and other like directives would find opposition with me as I represent the people of House District 37.

Energy policy

I believe the Federal government should be removed regarding Wyoming’s energy policy, the State is well equip to handle mineral development regulatory standards.

To streamline regulations and compliance at the state level should be the goal to keep the balance between environment and industry.

Stopping the wild taxing leftists we have disguised as Republicans.