2014 Liberty Index

What is the Liberty Index?


From their web site, “The Wyoming Liberty Index provides a service to Wyoming citizens. It allows you quickly to discover whether your Senator and Representative in Cheyenne support liberty. We do the tedious research for you!”

Their report identifies my opponent’s record:

The House Needs Improvement Club consists of those members who most consistently voted to limit freedom. They are (in order from least bad to worst) Representatives John Eklund and John Patton (tied for 50th), Glenn Moniz, Eric Barlow, Bob Nicholas, Ken Esquibel, Donald Burkhart, Jr, Elaine Harvey, W. Patrick Goggles, James Byrd, Steve Harshman, and, to our surprise, ‘Dr. No’. Since ‘Dr. No’ is a construct, Rep. Harshman has earned the title of ‘Most Liberty-Hostile Member of the House for 2014‘.” (Emphasis added)

You can read the 2014 Wyoming Liberty Index Report here.

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