Casper Journal Response

I’m Greg Flesvig and I ask for your support as I run for state representative in House District #37.

Just some of the attributes which I feel qualifies myself for this elected position would include being a Christian, free market Conservative, and a proponent of Liberty. As a small business owner, I understand keeping tight control over wasteful spending, and the importance of responsible fiscal stewardship.

As your representative in HD37, this is how I would address some of the top issues facing the people of the State of Wyoming. First, the constituency is often times not listened to on a number of bills, most notably, the SF104 as we’ve seen in the last general session. The voters do not want the diminished responsibilities of their elected officials. Their voice was ignored; thankfully the Supreme Court ruled the law unconstitutional.

Also, we won’t find Wyoming’s best interest with the implementation of Common Core standards. It attacks the quality of the education of our children, better education can be made right here in Wyoming with parental involvement at both the local level and at the state level.

States rights is example of an issue I’m concerned with, we see federal overreach from an increasing number of agencies such as the EPA. We see other states pushing for federal land to transfer to state land, reversing common core, legalizing marijuana, to taking measures to nullify Affordable Care Act. As a State, we need to hold steadfast to our values and principals. Be assured, that law passed in Cheyenne best represents the people of Wyoming, not federal law from outside the confines of the U.S. Constitution.

As a business owner I’m goal orientated, here are just two of my goals as a representative. To listen to my constituency, I am at the state house to represent the people of district 37, I am their voice on all matters concerning legislation. I will honor my oath, I will not vote for, support, endorse any unconstitutional law (such as SF104), nor any other laws that would compromise liberty, freedom, and personal responsibility.

We see an invasion of illegal aliens in other states and Wyoming is not insulated from such an invasion. Is the refugee resettlement center a welcome mat to usher in a wave of immigrants? You bet. The timing is uncanny.

What can be done? Reduce the allure to relocate here by supporting measures at the state level to reduce the welfare programs. Not to eliminate, but to make it uncomfortable. Program durations, income guidelines, and citizen only provisions should be revisited to assure that our own citizens get the care they need, our children won’t have overcrowded classrooms, and the medical field won’t have yet another burden to carry. I would support a measure to defund the refugee resettlement center until the peoples voice can be heard on the topic.

You can find more about me at

Thank you for your support.

Greg Flesvig

Stopping the wild taxing leftists we have disguised as Republicans.