My Letter to Voters

Greg Flesvig
Conservative Republican for State House

                           August 8, 2014

Dear Friend:

My incumbent opponent will tell you he gets along with all sixty members of the house. At the heart of this statement is human nature exposing an ‘anything goes’ philosophy.

This kind of behavior reveals itself when someone has an internal resistance to fight against even the worst policy.

In translation: When a politician says, “get along” — it really means — “go along.”

Sadly there is a certain crowd at the Capitol who know this all too well.

And once they know who is in the ‘go along club’, the Special Interest Bosses use them to get the “camel’s nose under the tent”, and expand their grip over key government agencies including the education system.

If elected as your State Representative, I won’t be fooled by their schemes. I’ll stand up to them!

My name is Greg Flesvig, and I’m running for State House right here in District 37 in the upcoming Republican Primary on August 19th.

I will strongly oppose top-down education proposals and if elected to be your next Representative, I will lead the fight against any efforts to impose a liberal-progressive education model in our state.

The “education turn-around consultants”, as they call themselves have been working to whittle around the edges advancing their cause bit by bit.

And more often than not, it’s Republicans like my opponent who work hand in hand with the few Democrats, making contracts with these lobbyists and consultants, and ushering-in the “so-called” improvements.

And now there’s a dirty little secret that the Common Core supporters don’t want you to know about

It’s a deal made with special interest consultants to run up school spending while running down the quality of service.

You see, just last month Common Core Supporters ushered-in a special interest organization to advance a sinister plan. To SELL Obama-Core to unsuspecting Wyoming parents.

Meet Mr. Chris Cross a ‘consultant’ who was invited to the education committee, to share his credentials, then wrap up a deal to help decide what Wyoming needs to improve education.

But the truth is this ‘east-coast’ firm of Cross & Joftus, is an ‘under the radar’ consultancy group that touts the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as its top client. Gates has spent upwards of $300 million pushing the so-called Common Core standards.

This brings us to the next organization that Cross & Joftus has worked so closely with. It’s the Chicago based Joyce Foundation, an ultra liberal-progressive policy lobby.

And wouldn’t you know, Barack Obama sat on the board of the Joyce Foundation during the same time that Mr. Chris Cross was the CEO…of a Joyce alliance organization.

And now that we see the Fox is in the Henhouse, it gets worse…

The other partner in Cross & Joftus — Scott Joftus, was quoted about foreign country ties and greed in his own so-called “education turn around” business model.

Here’s what Joftus had to say:

“You know we’re in a new era when school turnaround firms in the U.S. are being funded out of the Middle East,” Joftus said. “To me, that says there’s money to be made. I call this period the Wild West in education.”
(Source: Education Week – February 12, 2011)

Just more of the so-called betterment of Education, on top of the SF-104 blunder where my opponent, sponsored and voted YES to steal your vote at the ballot box, and instead appoint an Education Czar.

And what’s the back story of this appointed Education Director? An Arizona State Senator, Rich Crandall, whose consulting firm also had a contract with Wyoming prior to his appointment as the Director of Education.

So the newly appointed Director Crandall was also part of a Wild West education consultancy scheme. It’s starting to look like this is really about — $$$ No Consultants Left Behind $$$.

My opponent not only voted for the 2013 bill SF-104, that the Wyoming State Supreme Court ruled as unconstitutional, that stripped our right to vote for the Superintendent of Public Education — he sponsored the bill! He also voted against HB-168 this year that would have stopped Obama’s Common Core education scheme dead in its tracks.

He may be a great sports coach…but sadly, my opponent’s voting record is in Lock-Step with Obama’s top down education agenda.

And now that Barack Obama’s consultant, David Axelrod, has recently admitted that Common Core is an initiative of the Obama Administration, one has to wonder if SF-104 was orchestrated by the same crowd so they could shove their plan down our throats.

But since that plan has failed, they are now onto a new scheme. The State House Education Committee, in a back room deal padded the pockets of the east-coast “Cross & Joftus” with almost $100,000 to now tell Wyoming what we need.

I believe this is just a sign of what’s to come if we allow these ‘Wild West Consultants’ to gain control over our state Education System.

That’s why it’s vital we elect a Representative for District 37 who will fight to keep Wyoming free from the education special interest lobbyists.

But it’s also vital our next Representative is willing to stand up to the progressive leadership in both parties.

So no matter how you look at it — whether from a practical, moral or economic standpoint — something must change at the Capitol.

If I’m elected, I’ll make sure the self proclaimed “Wild West Education Consultants” — keep their hands off Wyoming Schools — and off of our Right to decide what’s best for our children.

So if you can afford a generous contribution of $200, $100, $50, $25 — or $10 — I’d greatly appreciate it so I can get the word out about my campaign.

But most importantly, I hope you’ll cast your vote for me, Greg Flesvig, on August 19th.

Greg Flesvig
Republican Candidate
House District 37

P.S.If you want a State Representative who will stand against those aligned with the Washington D.C. education initiatives, then cast your vote for me, Greg Flesvig, for the State House on August 19th.

Stopping the wild taxing leftists we have disguised as Republicans.