Star Tribune Response

Name: Gregory Flesvig
DOB/Age: 40
Political experience: Alternate/delegate Wyoming state convention
May 2014, Delegate Natrona County convention,
Natrona Co. school board candidate 2012 General Election,
Casper city council candidate 2012 Primary Election
Military experience: N/A
Party: GOP
Family:  Married 1995 to Elizabeth, Three children, ages 11,10,7.
Email: Contact
Phone number:  307-215-8960
Occupation/Company: Entrepreneur, small business owner
Home address: 2957 Pheasant Dr Casper, WY 82604

ENERGY: What can the state do to keep coal relevant in the future?

The state could start by prompting the land transfer from the federal holding. This would help bureaucratic agencies from prohibiting mineral extraction on properties transferred to the state. Policy made in Cheyenne suit the people of Wyoming just fine, policy made at the federal level don’t necessarily represent the best interest of the state.

 SF104: Would you support it today? Why or why not?

I would not support SF104. The law has been ruled unconstitutional by a Wyoming court. This law violated the Wyoming state Constitution our safeguard from government overreach, I oppose this law and those who support it.

GAS TAX: Would you vote in favor of increasing the gas tax again? How would you fund long-term road maintenance?

I would not vote in favor of any gross tax increase. I would support measures to increase appropriations to highway funding from other areas just until our highway funding is met. For roads is a legitimate function of government.  Government should do what government alone can do.

GAME/FISH: What long-term funding solutions should be implemented for Game and Fish?

The gaming facet of this Department could have modest increases to non-resident licenses, to resident license holders a minimal increase. For the bounty goes to the sportsman. To the other aspects of this department, after cost cutting measures have been exhausted, a balanced budget has been submitted; an increase can then be debated to meet a zero balance. Many people suspect mission creep within the Department with responsibilities exceeding the scope of the original intent of the Department.

MEDICAID: Do you think the state should accept the negotiated Medicaid waiver?

Accepting such a waiver would increase dependency on yet another program. With price shifting, the cost of products in the private market would increase precipitously. Reimbursements to the health care provider are at such a low rate, the market’s supply simply wont meet the demand.

SCIENCE: Would you vote in favor of the science standards footnote today? Why or why not?

I oppose the science standards footnote. It is yet another U.N. initiative to control our children’s education. I find education policy made in the capitol is best, with parental involvement at the school board level a hallmark of our institution. These measures will eliminate local interaction.

GOP: Do you believe the GOP is splintered? If so, how would/should you/they fix it?

I do believe it is split. The party has a number of officials voting consistent with the liberal/ progressive mindset, big spending, big government solutions. The party should help those rediscover the constitution, the restraints it puts on our government, and embrace liberty, freedom, and personal responsibility.

What issue prompted you to seek this office now?

The Education of our children in the state.

When – and how – would you propose tapping into the state’s reserves to fund one-time or ongoing projects?

Tapping into the states reserves should only be done during session in the House of Representatives. The people should demand legitimate representation spending their money. This can be done by voting Gregory Flesvig for house district 37 this August 19th.

Stopping the wild taxing leftists we have disguised as Republicans.